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Welcome to the CocktailBerry documentation. CocktailBerry is a Python and Qt based app for a cocktail machine on the Raspberry Pi. Here you will find everything to get started! It enables you to build your own, fully customized machine, while still be able to use the identical software on each machine.

Supercharge your next party to a whole new level! 🐍 + 🍸 = 🥳

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CocktailBerry can do:

  • Prepare cocktails of a given volume and adjusted concentration of alcoholic ingredients
  • Add new ingredients and recipes with needed information over the UI
  • Specify additional ingredients for later hand add within a recipe (like sticky syrup)
  • Define connected ingredients to the machine and existing additional ingredients over the UI
  • Auto calculates and displays possible recipes dependent on given information
  • Supports up to 24 Bottles / Pumps
  • Option to serve cocktails without alcohol
  • Execute a cleaning program to get rid of remaining fluids
  • Export data for later data analysis
  • Send cocktail production data to a given endpoint, for example a webhook
  • Keep track of cocktail count and volume from different teams for some fun competition
  • Select different themes to fit your liking
  • Switch between user interface languages
  • Support WS281x LEDs on your machine
  • Support for RFID/NFC reader
  • Implement your own addon to extend the base functionality

In addition, there is the possibility to use and set up a second device as a dashboard:

  • Provide the teams API to post and get cocktail data
  • Display different modes of data for a by team comparison
  • Optional: Use the dashboard as WiFi hot-spot